I am only human.  This means that I am very often not perfect.  This also means I am very often caught up in my own history, experience and point of view; which means all I can do is share - I am not right for everyone.  

It seems sometimes we've forgotten that.  This world is made up of billions of unique personalities.  We are all different with our own experiences and needs, hopes and desires, dreams and visions.  What is right for one of us is not necessarily right for all of us.  We all don't wear the same style and size shoe.

Life is like that.  We all wear our own style and size.  And sometimes we learn, grow and change - hopefully wiser and kinder.  Our style changes as well.

So welcome to my blog.  Depending on the topic, I may seem angry or frustrated, other times I may be loving and kind.  Sometimes I'll just be silly.  One never knows.  Take it with a grain of salt and remember that I am simply human.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. 

  Lisa Carlson Taub