Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse 6361 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3V9, Canada

Great experience!

The decor is warm and welcoming, the staff friendly. We were led to our table, then went to the salad bar and piled it on - amazing salad bar with enticing options. This of course was a mistake as we watched the gauchos flow in and out of the dining room with the most incredible cuts of meat. Flip the disk to green, and they come to your table and carve the meat directly onto your plate. The gauchos were friendly and engaged with us. We had to try a little bit of everything - the beef, chicken, lamb and pork. All of it was delicious and succulent. Then came the grilled pineapple. I can still close my eyes and relive that exquisite offering - never have I tasted anything like it. Next time I'll be light on the salad, choose my favorite meats and save more room for the pineapple! All in all a great experience and can't wait to go back again.



Cattle Drive Frozen in Time

This place is amazing. Everything is life size, and it encompasses a huge area. I felt as though I had materialized into a cattle drive frozen in time. The sculptural details are impressive. You can feel the energy of the cattle rumbling along the land and across the stream and hear their mooing as the horseback cowboys call and whistle. I even climbed upon one of the long horns and had my picture taken. A really cool place to visit.


Stingrays, Wild Animals, Desert Cacti and Fun

Here you are in a carpet of cream colored desert sprinkled with a myriad of green cacti, stretching far to the hazy purple mountains in the distance. You stroll under the trees viewing lions, bears, wolves and many more animals in their spacious, natural habitat. The land is beautiful, the animals are accessible, and both provide great photo ops every where you turn. There is a lovely gift shop and cafe where you can cool off with an ice coffee or ice cream and have lunch.

There is a bird sanctuary where you can stroll under the trees. Spot and photo beautifully colored local birds. I was able to get quite a few close ups of hummingbirds.

They have a shaded area with a pool in which swim stingrays you can pet. The water is cool, and the stingrays gently bump their silky heads against your hand as they swim by. You can even purchase a fistful of fish to feed them, and it feels like wet horse lips as they swim by and take the food from your hand.

A terrific outdoor museum enjoyable for kids and adults.

desert museum wed (104).JPG


Subterranean World is Awesome

What an awesome experience! I was fortunate to arrive for the first tour on a Monday morning, and I was the only one! Go early is my advice.

My tour guide Bill was great - knowledgeable, informative, and friendly. The formations inside the caves are amazing, both in geological history and photographically. Throughout the tour Bill identified specific landmarks and described their creation and shared many entertaining stories about the history of the caves, from Native Americans to bandits, from movies to weddings.

There are a few places that are narrow, but for the most part the tour is not claustrophobic at all. There is plenty of light and handrails everywhere.

There are additional tours for the more daring and athletic, and you can actually climb on one of the tours.

Will definitely do this again when i return to Tucson. Great for kids, and a cool way to escape the hot sun for an hour or so.

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Saguaro Corners Restaurants, Tuscon, AZ

Good food, good service

It's a diner. It's not fancy, so when you walk in don't expect to see 5 star decor. Having said that, I really enjoyed eating here. There is a sports bar and a restaurant room. We sat at a table in the back corner next to large windows overlooking the landscape. After we ordered, we watched colorful birds bathing in the small waterfall and resting on the bird hanger. I was able to get several good pictures of the local birds.

I wanted to order a local dish, so I asked for the house special, Shrimp and Grits. It was delicious, but if you don't like a lot of sauce, ask for it on the side. I had the jalepeno infused mango margarita. It was hot but very flavorful and delicious. The service was great; our waitress was friendly and appropriately attentive.

The menu offers lots of options; fish, beef and chicken dishes. There are also burgers and big sandwiches.

It was a very enjoyable visit and I would go back again.

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Cenote Ik Kil

The swim experience of a lifetime!

On a hot, Mexican day we were led into the cool of a cavern and down well worn stone steps. The spiral staircase echoed and we could hear splashing and voices rising up from below. Finally the stairwell opened to a stunning view. Rocky cavern walls stretched way up to where sunshine poured in through a large opening. Ropes of green vines fell along the walls into the sapphire water, sparkling from sunshine.

We were told it was a bottomless pool, so if that made us nervous we shouldn't go in. My two friends chose not to, but I did. There are steps on one side leading upwards where  you can dive from a higher place than the plateau around the swimming hole. I chose to dive in from the plateau. The water was deliciously cool and refreshing. It was amazing to swim in this cavernous pool; I felt like I was in the land time forgot.
Every sound echoed softly against the stone walls. It was luxurious swimming lazily on my back, looking up at the greenery hanging down from the opening and the sun pouring in. It was a great way to cool down, and it was a wonderful experience. I will definitely do this again when I return. There is a restaurant next door, so after building an appetite swimming, you can grab a bite to eat from a satisfying buffet.

Chichen Itza - Wow

Awesome visit to the past

When I walked up to it, having only seen it in pictures, my mouth dropped. It is huge and a stunning piece of ancient architecture. When I went you were able to climb to the top. They had ropes that you could hold on to as the steps are steep. From the top it felt like I could see forever. Coming back down was a slow affair, holding on to the ropes the entire way. The whole area is an amazing collection of fascinating, ancient buildings. You learn a lot about how they lived, and played, from these buildings. It is a magical visit to the past where the outside world no longer exists. Will definitely go back again.


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