Stingrays, Wild Animals, Desert Cacti and Fun

Here you are in a carpet of cream colored desert sprinkled with a myriad of green cacti, stretching far to the hazy purple mountains in the distance. You stroll under the trees viewing lions, bears, wolves and many more animals in their spacious, natural habitat. The land is beautiful, the animals are accessible, and both provide great photo ops every where you turn. There is a lovely gift shop and cafe where you can cool off with an ice coffee or ice cream and have lunch.

There is a bird sanctuary where you can stroll under the trees. Spot and photo beautifully colored local birds. I was able to get quite a few close ups of hummingbirds.

They have a shaded area with a pool in which swim stingrays you can pet. The water is cool, and the stingrays gently bump their silky heads against your hand as they swim by. You can even purchase a fistful of fish to feed them, and it feels like wet horse lips as they swim by and take the food from your hand.

A terrific outdoor museum enjoyable for kids and adults.

desert museum wed (104).JPG