Cenote Ik Kil

The swim experience of a lifetime!

On a hot, Mexican day we were led into the cool of a cavern and down well worn stone steps. The spiral staircase echoed and we could hear splashing and voices rising up from below. Finally the stairwell opened to a stunning view. Rocky cavern walls stretched way up to where sunshine poured in through a large opening. Ropes of green vines fell along the walls into the sapphire water, sparkling from sunshine.

We were told it was a bottomless pool, so if that made us nervous we shouldn't go in. My two friends chose not to, but I did. There are steps on one side leading upwards where  you can dive from a higher place than the plateau around the swimming hole. I chose to dive in from the plateau. The water was deliciously cool and refreshing. It was amazing to swim in this cavernous pool; I felt like I was in the land time forgot.
Every sound echoed softly against the stone walls. It was luxurious swimming lazily on my back, looking up at the greenery hanging down from the opening and the sun pouring in. It was a great way to cool down, and it was a wonderful experience. I will definitely do this again when I return. There is a restaurant next door, so after building an appetite swimming, you can grab a bite to eat from a satisfying buffet.