Subterranean World is Awesome

What an awesome experience! I was fortunate to arrive for the first tour on a Monday morning, and I was the only one! Go early is my advice.

My tour guide Bill was great - knowledgeable, informative, and friendly. The formations inside the caves are amazing, both in geological history and photographically. Throughout the tour Bill identified specific landmarks and described their creation and shared many entertaining stories about the history of the caves, from Native Americans to bandits, from movies to weddings.

There are a few places that are narrow, but for the most part the tour is not claustrophobic at all. There is plenty of light and handrails everywhere.

There are additional tours for the more daring and athletic, and you can actually climb on one of the tours.

Will definitely do this again when i return to Tucson. Great for kids, and a cool way to escape the hot sun for an hour or so.

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