Saguaro Corners Restaurants, Tuscon, AZ

Good food, good service

It's a diner. It's not fancy, so when you walk in don't expect to see 5 star decor. Having said that, I really enjoyed eating here. There is a sports bar and a restaurant room. We sat at a table in the back corner next to large windows overlooking the landscape. After we ordered, we watched colorful birds bathing in the small waterfall and resting on the bird hanger. I was able to get several good pictures of the local birds.

I wanted to order a local dish, so I asked for the house special, Shrimp and Grits. It was delicious, but if you don't like a lot of sauce, ask for it on the side. I had the jalepeno infused mango margarita. It was hot but very flavorful and delicious. The service was great; our waitress was friendly and appropriately attentive.

The menu offers lots of options; fish, beef and chicken dishes. There are also burgers and big sandwiches.

It was a very enjoyable visit and I would go back again.

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